The saga begins

by Urgo on March 10, 2003

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far away, naboo was under attack…. Thats how weird al starts a song, and thats good enough for a start to this post as well. 🙂 [lets just hope the attack part doesn’t interfere with my trip..]
Anyway, tomorrow evening (tuesday) my trip begins. I will be leaving UMass after classes and heading to Framingham to stay at Brett’s for the night. Early in the morning (5:00?) his father is going to be driving us to Logan for our flight to London. For anyone who wants to track our flight it is #BA238 (British Airways).
That night (it will be about 8pm GMT (the local time) once we get there) we will be staying at the Thistle Kensington Palace, and probably will be meeting up with Kat’s friend Jane. We’ll stay at this hotel for the next night as well (visiting Kensington/London) and head to Oxford on Friday via train.
Brett has a friend going to Oxford so we will spend the day there and leave Saturday for Swansea Wales where Don and Kat have been studying. Since we won’t get to Swansea until late we are not planing anything big, however the next day, Sunday, Don/Kat want to visit Cardiff, the capital of Wales, so we will be doing that.
Monday we will probably just check out Wales/Swansea as don/kat will be in class.
Tuesday we will be taking a flight (FR883) to Dublin Ireland. On Tuesday, and for the rest of our trip we will be staying in Youth Hostels.
Wednesday we will still be checking out Ireland.
Thursday we fly (FR114) back to London for the remainder of our stay.
On Saturday the 22nd of March in the morning we will be flying (BA213) back to Boston.
That is the rough outline of our trip. I will be bringing my digital camera so expect many pictures once I get back. =] Also, I will probably be posting to this page from overseas so keep coming back for updates!
Weather Reports:
Boston London Swansea Dublin

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marf March 11, 2003 at 2:06 pm
This looked like a funny site. But the comp I am on now doesn’t have sound. So basically i am using Jay’s site as a notepad :-P. Sorry jay.


Urgo March 11, 2003 at 2:55 pm

Heh. Yeah it is a good site. I ment to blog about it but I was lazy. Home Star Runner Dot Net. Its Dot Com. Yeah. Make sure you watch the new users thing first.
At this time tomorrow I’ll be in england!


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