Last Two Full Days Overseas

by Urgo on March 21, 2003

Yesterday our flight back went well. No delays at all!
Ok, so someone REALLY needs to teach the british how to count. The street our hostel is on starts at 87 or something and our hostel is 71 so it sounds like it is really close by, but no. They count down to 80 or something then jump down low to 20 or something, go up a little, then down, then up, skipping all over the place…. Our place is about a 10 minute walk from the train station.
The hostel in ireland was much nicer and bigger then this place. We are on the 4th floor here which is really the 5th. That means a LOT of stairs in narrow stairways. The room itself is so tiny that there is no where to put our stuff really. It’s fine though since this place is a LOT cheaper then a hotel in london. We even get a free breakfast.. that makes you puke. Warm milk in a box + buns. Woo. Anyway the rest of the day was good.
Yesterday we visited the outside of buckingham (I’ll fix all my spelling when I get home) palace, the war chambers where the WWII was planned in london, Hayley’s: the biggest toy store in the world, and we say a Shakespearian play, the Tempest.
Today after that great breakfast we took a tour of Westminster Abby, got my picture taken by Big Ben, rode the London Eye, visited a wax museum, visited Kings Cross (platform 9 3/4), and took a stroll through Hyde park.
We are in the hostel right now resting our feet but soon it’ll we’ll be out one more time for dinner on our last night in Europe.
Our flight on British Airways leaves tomorrow morning around 10:45 GMT so the next blog will be from the states. See you all soon!

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cmatera March 21, 2003 at 4:39 pm

gooooo Jay…bring back british beer


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