Meeting Internet People (Urgo's YTO161 )

by Urgo on November 23, 2010

Meeting Internet People (Urgo’s YTO161 )

Meeting Internet People (Urgo's YTO161 ) pictures

Have you ever met up with anyone you met and got to know on the Internet first? Was it at a big gathering like a youtube meetup or something more like the get together I had yesterday when a fiend was driving by and stopped at my house?

Yesterday’s video where my friend stopped by:

My video that won me the trip to singapore:

nalt’s video announcing the contest:

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Urgo’s YouTube Orbit – Daily Video 205 of 365 – Nov 23rd 2010

Meeting Internet People (Urgo's YTO161 ) imageMeeting Internet People (Urgo's YTO161 ) pictureMeeting Internet People (Urgo's YTO161 ) images


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