VidCon 3000! er 2011 (Urgo’s YTO 124)

by Urgo on December 30, 2010

VidCon 3000! er 2011 (Urgo’s YTO 124)

VidCon 3000! er 2011 (Urgo's YTO 124) pictures

It happened today! I finally reached 3000 subscribers and did it by years end! Woohoo!!! Thank you every one who subscribed over the past years! You all are awesome!

Are you going to vidcon this coming July? I got my ticket last night and would love to meet up with as many of you as possible! In the video I think I said the dates slightly wrong too… its July 29th and 30th and the 28th is the Industry day. I’ll be at all 3 🙂

More info on vidcon here:

Also I wanted to say sorry to the following people. When I was doing the scrolling list i accidentally put a graphic on top of the following peoples names. Thank you for subscribing too! guitarrx3girl gundambob646 GusMonkeyTV gustnadox gwozda gymgrip10 GymnastProductionz22 GypsyNester habi7860 hagrit9 hailmarycome HaleighJane27 HaleyLawyer halobro123 halocursed HamEntertainment HANC609 handcraftedjewelry

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Urgo’s YouTube Orbit – Daily Video 242 of 365 – Dec 30th 2010

VidCon 3000! er 2011 (Urgo's YTO 124) imageVidCon 3000! er 2011 (Urgo's YTO 124) pictureVidCon 3000! er 2011 (Urgo's YTO 124) images

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