Fix Your Capchas YouTube! (YTO 70 Day 296)

by Urgo on February 22, 2011

Fix Your Capchas YouTube! (YTO 70 Day 296)

Fix Your Capchas YouTube! (YTO 70 Day 296) pictures I think we can all agree on two things spam is s ucks and so do captchas. So that being said I know they are a necessary evil but YouTube you’ve GOT to relax a little in how often you make us answer them!

First suggestion why do partners have to answer them at all? Or at least as often? (I know an account can possibly be compromised so some sort of kill switch can help.) You have our names addresses even social security numbers so if we start spamming you KNOW how to get us.

Beyond that though for every day use wouldn’t it make more sense to have a MUCH higher threshold (say instead of 5 comments in 5 minutes more like 30 50 or 100) and then bring the ban hammer down on a user if they get flagged by the community as spamming?
The spam flagging system IS there why not use it and make it less painful for people who are just trying to engage in conversation?

So there you have it some basic suggestions that I think could REALLY help the user experience here on the site. I’d really love to see these implemented.

If you are not YouTube (i.e. you are a viewer) please help spread this video around if you agree that the captcha system really s ucks here on youtube. You can help doing that by clicking LIKE ADD TO FAVORITES leaving LOTS of comments (the more you leave the more captchas you’ll get the more annoyed you’ll get and the more you’ll want them removed haha) and of course share this video with your friends on youtube facebook twitter email real life anywhere!

Thanks 🙂

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Urgo’s YouTube Orbit – Daily Video 296 of 365 – Feb 22nd 2011

Fix Your Capchas YouTube! (YTO 70 Day 296) imageFix Your Capchas YouTube! (YTO 70 Day 296) pictureFix Your Capchas YouTube! (YTO 70 Day 296) images

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