Space Up Close (YTO 65 Day 301)

by Urgo on February 27, 2011

Space Up Close (YTO 65 Day 301)

Space Up Close (YTO 65 Day 301) pictures

If you haven’t seen a space shuttle launch in person before you don’t know what you’re missing. I highly recomend trying to win tickets in the when/if they do it again for the next missions.

Here are the clips I was playing in the video. I have more if you go back to my videos from that time as well.

Florida Clipshow (Kennedy Space Center Epcot Universal Hard Rock) (YTO-346)

To Infinity and Beyond! with NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver (YTO-347)

US given up on manned space flight? NASA responds (YTO-348)

What Does the Space Station Smell Like? Asked to an Astronaut (YTO-349)

STS-132 Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch and aftermath (YTO-353)

Here is the video of the shuttle launch from the plane. Amazing!
Space Shuttle Launch: Viewed From an Airplane (via NeilMonday)

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Urgo’s YouTube Orbit – Daily Video 301 of 365 – Feb 27th 2011

Space Up Close (YTO 65 Day 301) imageSpace Up Close (YTO 65 Day 301) pictureSpace Up Close (YTO 65 Day 301) images

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