The Day I Almost Sued Directv #DirectvGate

by Urgo on August 29, 2012

The Day I Almost Sued Directv #DirectvGate

The Day I Almost Sued Directv #DirectvGate pictures

I’ve had directv service for over two years now and as a YouTube I don’t really watch all that much TV. As a result I’ve been considering dropping it but I do like the ability to watch some shows live and/or slightly delayed so I can cut out the commercials on the DVR. I honestly probably could get by with buying just a DVR and recording the networks but I figured with a QUICK call to Directv I could change my service around a little and stick with them. Quick though.. oh man… that’s not what happened last night.

So in short what I wanted to accomplish on the phone with Directv last night was
1) Disconnect my upstairs TV (I so rarely use it not worth paying)
2) Disconnect whole home DVR (use this even less)
3) Add showtime (Dexter Homeland woooo!)
4) get my DVR fixed (for over a year there’s been audio problems w/ it)

Should be simple right? Nope! Five people and Two hours of talking to them later I finally got it worked out but through the process I was ready to reach out and strangle them with a lawsuit.

The first guy I talked too Christian told me he did items 1-4 and was able to do #4 w/o effecting my contract at all (i.e. keep me month to month) however by the time I got to their “third party verification” department the lies quickly started piling up.
1) Christian never disconnected my upstairs TV
2) Whole home DVR was not disabled
3) I did get showtime
4) The DVR order was placed but as an upgrade! They wanted to extend my contract two years!

Now if you were working in a verification department and you saw this you’d probably be like oh lets fix this but no the jerks there (John I’m talking about you) would not budge. They lied to me about being able to transfer my call back to Christian to get him and them to be able to talk about this and would not do anything unless I agreed to a new two year contract which was NOT going to happen. Why would I agree especially under circumstances like this really. No way in hell I agree to lock in with a company that treats me like crap.

Anyway after an hour of talking with these people John was supposed to be transferring me to Christian’s department but I ended up getting sent to customer service (Mika) who tried to transfer me to technical support but ended up hanging up on me!!!

Fuming mad at this point I started blasting Directv on twitter to my 51k followers as I also dialed back in. This time I got to a guy named Justin who actually gave a damn! He looked at the history on my account and was like ooooh crap. I ended up staying with him on the phone for around 40 minutes or so as he fixed everyone else’s messups. Items 1-4 on my list were resolved and a technician will be coming by Sept 5th to try to fix the DVR and really I imagine just end up swapping it out.

Moral of this story treat your customers well like humans. You never know if someone will document the whole thing and air your dirty laundry to the world. Muwhahaha.

Again Justin thank you for fixing this. Otherwise this might have been part 1 of many in the DirecTVGate scandal.

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The Day I Almost Sued Directv #DirectvGate imageThe Day I Almost Sued Directv #DirectvGate pictureThe Day I Almost Sued Directv #DirectvGate images

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