Creepy Crawlers

by Urgo on August 30, 2012

Creepy Crawlers

Creepy Crawlers pictures

If you’re afraid of spiders then you may want to skip right to the end of this video for an announcement. If you ARE a fan though you’re gonna love this video! Three different spiders for you all to enjoy )

So tomorrow is August 31st the last day of Vloggust/VEDA and I’ve decided to end it with a bang doing a once in a blue moon (get what I’m doing there? :P) live stream on this channel! The stream will be at 11pm USA Eastern Time on Friday August 31st. See to convert that into your own time zone.

I’ll be inviting as many of you on the live stream as possible too as I’d really like to talk to you all rather then you just watch me. So get your questions ready and lets do this!

You’ll need a Google Plus account all set up if you want to join the hangout. Go add me on there:

The event page for this is:

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Creepy Crawlers imageCreepy Crawlers pictureCreepy Crawlers images

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