Branded (2012) Movie Review

by Urgo on September 8, 2012

Branded (2012) Movie Review

Branded (2012) Movie Review pictures

Friday night I saw a really good movie called Branded. The trailers (at least as I remembered them) didn’t come close to capturing what the movie was really about so I figured I’d discuss it a bit with you. If you do want to see this you might not want to watch this until afterwards as I do give spoilers… including in the following lines of text.

Basically the movie was the story of a marketer as he progressed through his life. We saw how at a young age he had the talent which brought him up to be a award winning in his field and then we also saw sort of a retired legend marketer playing behind the scenes against him. The main story was almost like inception where in order to make your brand win (the fast food industry in this scenario) you have to make the alternative (being healthy) scare you that you’ll die if you go that route so you have no choice but to go the way the marketer wants you to.

We watch that story play out and then it really gets good (with some bad cgi) where advertising has gotten so far out of hand that its an all out brand warfare where brands are attacking each other quite literally and companies are going bankrupt left and right. This really struck a cord with me due to all the patent crap that is going on these days most notably between Samsung and Apple.

I highly recommend checking this movie out if its playing near you. It’s not your standard movie but not a standard documentary either. Sort of a mix of both. I really enjoyed it.

A Happy Flourishing City With No Advertising:

Starbucks Apple/Samsung Story:

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