Hot Damn!

by Urgo on July 2, 2002

Today was a scorcher. Our air conditioning was on the fritz today at work so I was so glad when I finally could leave. While writing this entry I looked around on the web for a half hour to report todays high. While I could not find exact days (yet), I found that in hartford (an hour or so away) todays high was 97. According to, right now at 8pm it is 91 degrees and feels like 100 so you can just imagine what it must have felt like earlier in the day. If anyone knows any better sites for getting today’s high temperature (hourly temperature reports or something) please let me know (click the what do you think link).
After I was let out of work today I stopped by Puffer’s Pond. This is a stream fed pond in Amherst that I have only been to three times now. It is a great place to stop by after work and cool off at. I was planning on blogging about this today so I took my digital camera with me today and snapped a picture of part of the pond.
Since tells me that tomorrow is going to be 97 I think I’ll be stopping by the pond again. Again, if someone knows a place that will list the high/low or exact hourly temperatures for 01003 please let me know by leaving a comment.
It was so hot today even today’s foxtrot is about swimming

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