Ireland Day 1

by Urgo on March 18, 2003

Ok so I only have 7 minutes left on this computer, and the keyboard sucks so I’ll make it quick. 🙂
For the past few days were were in Wales with Don and Kat. We had a great time in Swansea and Cardiff. We visited a castle in Cardiff on sunday, the first castle I’ve been to.
Today our plane was delayed 2 hours due to foggy conditions in ireland, but now that we are here it is really nice out. Brett is taking a nap upstairs in our hostel room while I write this, but soon (its almost 5pm here) we will be heading out to eat and maybe to see a play.
The most amazing thing is that it has been nice (no rain) EVERY day so far! This is a record for the UK I think. With luck it will stay like this.
Anyway, I hope everyone back home is doing ok. We fly back to London the day the war is supposed to start, so I hope we’ll make it, and without any delays.
Ok times about to run up. Bye from Dublin Ireland!

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marf March 18, 2003 at 12:53 pm

Wow it’s like I am almost there experiencing the UK with you! Oh wait, no I am sitting downstairs in my dad’s office. But almost! Keep us updated Jay on festivities.


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