Meeting Local Vloggers (Urgo’s YTO 96 Day 270)

by Urgo on January 27, 2011

Meeting Local Vloggers (Urgo’s YTO 96 Day 270)

Meeting Local Vloggers (Urgo's YTO 96 Day 270) pictures

I’ve been saying it for a while that I wanted to organize a YouTube Meetup in the Raleigh area sometime this spring and still thinking about doing it just really need to find a good place.. the place I wanted to have it (Moore Square) can either be rented or you can get a permit and you can’t get a permit if its rented and last I checked pretty much every weekend was rented already anyway which btw costs like $800! Soo.. yeah.. still trying to find a good location…

But anyway I think as a result of being a part of that group on meetup they matched me with a new group that got created this past December called Blogging With Video in my area and today was the first meeting I could attend! Had a great time there meeting others in the area who have similar interests in that of wanting to make videos at least. We were a pretty diverse group with lots of different reasons for the videos but none the less we all WANT to make them so that tied us together. πŸ™‚

I’ve met lots of people from YouTube and chat with many (hello Orbiters!) via skype twitter youtube comments etc but its also really great to have a group in person to run ideas by get critiques and share information with so I’m looking forward to the next meetup as well! Shoutout also to everyone from the meetup as I’m sure most will probably check this video out at some point. πŸ™‚

Raleigh YouTube Meetup anyone?

In the Raleigh area? Here’s the meetup page:

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Urgo’s YouTube Orbit – Daily Video 270 of 365 – Jan 27th 2011

Meeting Local Vloggers (Urgo's YTO 96 Day 270) imageMeeting Local Vloggers (Urgo's YTO 96 Day 270) pictureMeeting Local Vloggers (Urgo's YTO 96 Day 270) images

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